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Many thanks to all our customers, team members, family and friends for helping us win a 2013 Certificate of Excellence Award from TripAdvisor!! 

Thanks Golden Rock Fans for voting us 
Reader's Choice #1 Winery 2 Years in a Row!!!

Golden Rock Winery - awarded 2011 Small Emerging Enterprise of the Year !!
From the Article on LakeExpo.com:

The 2011 Small Emerging Enterprise of the Year was awarded to the Golden Rock Winery in Camdenton. The criterion for this award is for a business to best display the innovation, entrepreneurial accomplishments and/or utilization of emerging technology.

The winery is owned and operated by Scott and Jennifer Woods and boasts over 30 worldly wines and a unique restaurant menu. Rather than relocating, they remodeled their existing building, switching their business from Woods Lawn and Garden to a winery. According to LORDEC, they have revived an area of the town that has seen a decrease in traffic since the opening of the Highway 5 Expressway. LORDEC says they have not only brought fine dining to Camdenton, but have added a popular destination. They recognized a gap in the business community and filled it, therefore, adding to the Camdenton community and its quality of life.

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